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401(k) and Retirement Plan Consulting

Grant Park Advisors LLC was founded on the principle of client service.  As part of this commitment to service we stand ready to help and advise you on the often frustratingly complex world of retirement benefit plans.  

We engage with you to help you determine the right plan to meet the needs and goals of both you and your employees.  As a plan sponsor you desire to make your plan a valuable benefit to your employees enhancing employee retention and recruiting, while mitigating your fiduciary liability.

As we work with you to determine the plan that best meets your needs, we seek out proposals from a wide variety of plan providers.  As not all plan providers are the same, and all clients’ needs differ, we seek to match you with the right fit for you plan needs.

As part of this process, we work with you advising on choices of investments and the creation of an Investment Policy Statement.  This forms the basis for benchmarking the plan’s investment selections on an ongoing basis, allowing us to provide you with periodic review and assessment on whether the investment choices in the plan are meeting the needs of the plan participants.

During this process, we work with you to design an educational plan.  As with most of life, education is one of the keys to success.  At Grant Park Advisors LLC we have found that an ongoing commitment to plan participant education significantly enhances plan satisfaction.

Your plan can be designed to provide a range of services including:

  • Group plan meetings
  • One on one employee consultations
  • Phone consultations
  • Newsletters
  • Web and 800 number access.

At Grant Park Advisors LLC we look forward to working with you to meet your retirement plan needs.