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Founders Page

Our firm was founded on the principle that in a world where there is an increasing lack of personal touch, and a push to decrease the amount of interpersonal relationships, there is room for a firm focused on delivering personal service and direct availability of your Investment Advisor.

As the founder of a young firm and someone who has been in the financial industry for over two decades I believe at Grant Park Advisors, LLC the client is the most important asset.  The client should be able to discuss their:

  • Needs
  • Goals
  • Dreams

The advisor assists and guides the client though the morass of the investment world working with the client to help them accomplish their objectives.  The advisor can only successfully accomplish their job as they counsel you through a process of:

  • Education
  • Planning
  • Investment Management.

To accomplish these tasks, the advisor needs an environment where their skill and knowledge are recognized and allowed to flourish.  A recognition that, as the advisor, they are there to support their clients and the firm is there to support them providing the tools and environment to help them succeed. Our purpose is to compliment the advisor, not interfere with their relationships.